As of March 20, 2020, the State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy now permits patients and caregivers to call the dispensary and place a pre-order for pickup.

Step 1: Call Us

Call Mad River Remedies at 937-684-4621.

Step 2: Provide Documentation 

State issued ID and your MMCP Registry ID number.

Step 3: Place Your Order

You will work with a Mad River Remedies Patient Care Coordinator to answer questions and complete your order. Please allow 1 hour for order to be ready for pickup.**

Step 4: Pick Up Your Order 

Please let our front desk know you are picking up a pre-order. You will be asked to provide your Registry card to verify your days supply.

Step 5: Process Order

A Patient Care Coordinator will escort you to a Point of Sales terminal to process your Transaction.  You will need to provide your State issued ID and MMCP Registry ID Card to complete your transaction.

** Your Pre-order will be available until the close of the business day.